Our Business


Our business was funded in 2000. Our main activities include boat and engine marketing as well as second-hand, trailers and all sorts of marine equipment, boat service and parking.

Growing more every year, we created one of the strongest units regarding marine boats in Lefkada. We have managed to be known for our credibility, our consistency, our service and support that we offer to our clients before and after the purchase of our products and services. Our main concern is the satisfaction of our clients and therefore we carry the most up to date equipment as well as experienced and qualified staff that is constantly trained and informed on the latest models.

We offer the parking of your boat at our private space while making sure of its safety and preservation through the time of the keeping.

We carry and service different types of engines and offer a great amount of parts, equipment and accessories.

We can put your boat in and/or out of the water and help you with selling it or any other request you might have.